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        Lock Alarm HandiSafe – the “must-have” product for 2013

        Number of visits: Date:2015-2-11 15:18

        The Lock Alarm HandiSafe has added to its growing list of awards and commendations by being recently classed as the No.1 “must-have” accessory for 2013 by the internationally distributed ‘iLife’ publication.

        ‘iLife’ called the HandiSafe “a must-have product for your must-have devices”. Although ‘iLife’ focused on the HandiSafe’s ability to secure an iPad from theft it should be noted that the HandiSafe can be used to safely store any tablet PC, smartphone, iPod/MP3 player, camera, important documents, currency etc.

        For more details about the Lock Alarm Handisafe (Item# 6111) go to this page.

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